Quick Start

This guide will get you up and running so you can put some useful information into your shell prompt.

If you haven't already installed it, do that now.

A Simple (But Useful) Prompt

Edit your ~/.bashrc file to include something like this:

hg_ps1() {
    hg prompt "{ on {branch}}{ at {bookmark}}{status}" 2> /dev/null

export PS1='\u at \h in \w$(hg_ps1)\n$ '

source ~/.bashrc after to test it out. Make sure you're in a Mercurial repository or you won't see anything. This little prompt will give you something like this:

steve at myhost in ~/src/hg-prompt on default at feature-bookmark?

An Advanced Prompt

How about something a little more interesting?

hg_ps1() {
    hg prompt "{[+{incoming|count}]-->}{root|basename}{/{branch}}{-->[+{outgoing|count}]}{ at {bookmark}}{status}" 2> /dev/null

export PS1='$(hg_ps1)\n\u at \h in \w\n$ '

And the result (this example assumes one incoming changeset and two outgoing):

[+1]-->hg-prompt/default-->[+2] at feature-bookmark
steve at myhost in ~/src/hg-prompt

Learn More

From here you can take a look at the full documentation to see all the interesting things hg-prompt can do.